River cruises have recently enjoyed great popularity. After being with a couple, today we decided to write about what makes them so attractive. The reason for this is that you can do and see things that are only possible on a river cruise.

Traveling aboard a ship traveling on a river is not like going to your hotel. You can not come and go if you want, and change the route on the fly. On a cruise it works differently. It’s like a small village, a small community that follows you.


There are usually performers and often an orchestra on board, providing enjoyment to passengers. Sometimes there are even comedians who entertain passengers with tricks and Jokes.

Go to the windows

If you rummage through the river, people are usually scattered around the ship. But if the ship is in sight of a special destination, it will be announced through speakers. When this happens, people immediately gather around the windows or at the bow of the ship to see what is happening. It can be funny if the landmark is not so interesting, but people do not know this yet and are curious to see what it is.

Toast to the captain

Sometimes the captain visits the passengers in the dining room to see how they are doing and if they are enjoying the ride so far. Sometimes he will toast with you on a great river cruise!
Film Travel Mode

On such a cruise, something is always happening and there are so many wonderful things to see that time flies very quickly. But just like in a movie at the movies, once you cross a point, you can’t go back, so it’s best to enjoy things as they come and not linger too long in a single place. It is very curious to see the landscape pass by and feel that if you miss it, it will not return.

So many things in so little space

It is impossible to explain how small the rooms are in river cruises and how they can accommodate so many things. Closet, double bed, bedside table, desk with drawers and chair, wardrobe, another closet and a bathroom! It’s really incredible and it doesn’t feel clustered either. Of course, this depends on the cruise, and luxury determines the quality of the cruise.


Cruise ships have a schedule and certain schedules. be sure to keep track of them so that they do not stay ashore during short stops. During short breaks in beautiful ports, there is a sign on the exit indicating the time the ship leaves again. Usually there is enough time to spend a little time on land and visit the port before continuing your journey.

Last words

We can tell a thousand more stories, because a cruise is very fascinating, and the first in your life will be a very pleasant surprise. What is true is that in all these situations you have very good memories and a desire to do it again. Definitely a great experience!

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