If you’ve ever taken a road trip with a group of friends, or as a solo adventure, you’ve probably learned a thing or two about how to navigate, where to stop, and how long to drive without getting cramped. But you never lived until you went on a long road trip with small children.

Family road trips can be a great experience, or they can be a literal nightmare on wheels. But if you know a few road trip survival tips, you will be able to make it to your destination and back again without any problem.

The secret to taking a trip with kids is to keep their needs in mind every step of the way. And if you adhere to this principle, you may be surprised at how pleasant your trip can be.

Here we explore a few essential tips for traveling the open road with children.

Stop Regularly

Unless you want to hear the words “are we there yet?”echoing in your eardrums over and over again, you’re going to want to stop planning more than you normally would. And this is simply because children need much more involvement and interaction than matures.

Think of it this way: the more often you stop, the more you can explore new areas and sights. So the best strategy is to plan in advance your frequent stops at interesting attractions along your route that you know the kids will enjoy.

If you head west, for example, there are plenty of natural attractions such as dinosaur fossils, ghost towns, roadside curio shops, and such all-round important routes. You’re going to want to take advantage of places like this so that kids can get out and stretch their legs while being entertained at the same time.

Bring lots of Enjoyment

You may be inclined to rely on portable DVD players or in-car WiFi for the kids to watch their favorite shows. But instead of eating through your dates plan, you should also include other forms of enjoyment.

Word games are a great distraction on a road trip for older kids, or for the younger kids, old-fashioned road games like I-Spy can probably buy you a few hours as well.

Moreover, traveling with kids also means that you need to bring items for outdoor activities as well. This is where a frisbee, football, a baseball, and a pair of baseball gloves, or an outdoor sports equipment will work. And these are ideal for stopping at outdoor recreation facilities or at rest stops with open spaces.

Take care of the children and you will save yourself hours of grief in the car.

Safety Of Cars

When traveling with children, safety is critical. Because the last thing you want is to be stranded along the road, or be involved in an accident with small children.

Before you go out, make sure your vehicle has been inspected by a reliable mechanic. And have resolved any issues prior to leaving.

Additionally, check to make sure you have some form of roadside assistance on your insurance, such as a towing allowance. And bring a road-safety kit that includes road flares, tire patching equipment, and the like. If you are in an accident, make sure you go to a safe location and take photos of the damage, as that will prove helpful in establishing a matter and repairing your health-issue.

Finally, you may also want to bring a means of personal self-defense in matter your life or the life of your family is threatened. But only do it lawfully. As such, check ahead along your route and make sure you understand the laws regarding interstate transportation of self-defense items.

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